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Miles Zimbaluk
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Miles Zimbaluk Top Agent in Arizona

Miles is a Canadian citizen from Saskatchewan now residing in Scottsdale Arizona. He is the founder and CEO of Canada to USA and lead agent for our national real estate team while personally working with Canadian clients in Arizona. Miles is one of the top agents in Arizona and highly regarded cross border expert for Canadians buying or selling real estate across the United States.

During the past 20 years, Miles has developed a diverse business background in Canada and the United States while providing expert advice to his clients in the areas of real estate, mortgage financing, tax and financial planning, investments, insurance, currency, and cross border tax and investment strategies.

In 2014, Miles moved from Canada to Scottsdale Arizona and launched the Canada to Arizona business to provide Canadian’s a trusted cross border resource in the United States. This business grew from a simple informational website in Arizona to a full-service national website serving thousands of Canadians across the country annually. As CEO, Miles manages business development including partnership acquisitions, online marketing strategies, and web design and development for our network of websites. Miles has been instrumental in the development of the Canada to USA business with his wealth of knowledge and keen understanding of the financial and real estate markets across North America.

Today, Miles continues developing the Canada to USA network by establishing great partnerships to better serve Canadian’s needs in the United States. Miles leads the Canada to USA real estate team across the country while providing Canadians with expert real estate services, US mortgage financing advice, and cross border planning for Canadians in every state. As a licensed Realtor in Arizona, he works with many Canadian clients personally providing real estate services in the Greater Phoenix area.

Miles currently lives in Scottsdale Arizona with his wife Katie and daughter Zoey.

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