MRI Exams for Canadians
in Arizona

We provide Canadians with immediate access to MRI exams in Arizona. We have special negotiated rates with local imaging centers to help expedite healthcare services for Canadians while they are in Arizona.

As Canadians, we understand how frustrating wait times in Canada can be especially for specialty healthcare services like MRI’s. That’s why we have formed healthcare partnerships and negotiated special rates with local imaging centers in Arizona to provide Canadians immediate access to MRI’s at special discounted rates exclusively for Canadians. We work with several imaging centers throughout Arizona.

MRI, CT, and Ultrasound Wait Times in Canada

Fraser Institute Wait Times

In 2018, the Fraser Institute study estimates that 1,082,541 Canadians are currently waiting for medical procedures. The chart shows the average weeks waited to receive the selected diagnostic tests in 2018, 2017, and 2016 in each province.

The wait for a computed tomography (CT) scan has increased to 4.3 weeks in 2018 from 4.1 weeks in 2017. Saskatchewan has the shortest wait for a CT scan (2.8 weeks), while the longest waits occur in British Columbia, Alberta, and New Brunswick (6.0 weeks).

The wait for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan has decreased to 10.6 weeks in 2018 from 10.8 weeks in 2017. Patients in Ontario face the shortest wait for an MRI (6.0 weeks), while residents of British Columbia wait longest (20.0 weeks).

Finally, the wait for an ultrasound has not changed in 2018, staying at the same 3.9 weeks as it was in 2017. Saskatchewan has the shortest wait for an ultrasound (1.1 weeks), while Newfoundland & Labrador has the longest (10.5 weeks).

How it Works

To request an MRI at our discounted rates, you will need a referral to one of the imaging providers from Wildflower Primary Care & Wellness. This appointment is included if you are a Wildflower member. If you choose to self-pay for a single visit, the rate is $150.00. This does not include the MRI exam.

You will work with the provider to find an ideal location to get your MRI exam. You will schedule the MRI exam directly with the imaging center and pay for this at the time of your visit. Often MRI imaging can take place within one to two days. You will leave the imaging center with a CD in your hand. This is imperative to bring back with you to your preferred medical provider in the U.S. or Canada.

MRI exam rates are $250 to $350, depending on what type of MRI and if contrast is needed. If contrast is needed, the provider at Wildflower Primary Care & Wellness may need to have labs done prior to evaluating kidney function and your body’s ability to handle the contrast.

Wildflower Primary Care & Wellness

We have partnered with Wildflower Primary Care & Wellness located in Scottsdale Arizona. Wildflower provides the initial exam and consultation. They will work with you to select the best imaging location and provider and help schedule your exam. They will refer you to one of their imaging partners to complete your MRI exam at our preferred rates. Wildflower is also available for a follow up visit if you would like to review your MRI results.


Canada to Arizona Special – Save Up to 40% OFF Standard Pricing

Initial Exam


If you are a member of Wildflower Primary Care, your initial exam consultation is included and you will only be responsible for the actual MRI cost.

MRI w/o contrast


Prices listed are our special discounted rates for Canadians. You must be a Canadian citizen to receive our special discounted pricing!

MRI with contrast


Prices listed are our special discounted rates for Canadians. You must be a Canadian citizen to receive our special discounted pricing!

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