U.S. Financial Services
for Canadians

We provide professional services and expert advice regarding financial services in the United States to Canadians including banking products and solutions, US mortgage lending options, currency exchange services, financial and estate planning and cross border accounting. Learn about all the US financial products and services available to Canadians by selecting the categories below.

US Mortgages for Canadians

We work with Canadian and US mortgage banks, lenders, and brokers to find you the best mortgage on both sides of the border.

Canada to USA Currency Exchange

We provide currency brokering to help you get the best exchange rate when transferring money between Canada and the US.

US Cross Border Tax Planning for Canadians

Our cross border tax planning team will assist you in implementing an efficient cross border tax strategy.

US Banking for Canadians

Our US banking partners provide Canadians cross border banking services including debit and credit accounts and more.

Cross Border Financial Planning for Canadians

Cross border financial planning can be complicated so we have partnered with professionals in Canada and the US.

Cross Border Estate Planning for Canadians

Estate Taxes are very different in the US. There are many factors that need to be considered and thought of well in advance.