Arizona Weather

Canadians love to visit Arizona for the incredible weather! Arizona has a very consistent dry climate with little rainfall. Temperatures vary greatly from place to place, season to season, and day to night. The greater Phoenix area in the Salt River Valley is the most popular tourism spot with the warmest weather.

Average Weather in Phoenix Arizona

The greater Phoenix area is known for beautiful mild winters and hot summers while ranking high for the lowest average yearly precipitation and lowest average wind speeds. This climate is primarily desert, with mild winters and extremely hot summers. November through February are the coldest months, with average temperatures typically ranging from 45 to 75 °F (8 to 24 °C). About midway through February, the temperatures start to rise again. The summer months of June through September bring a dry heat ranging from 90–120 °F (32–49 °C).

Average High Average Low Precipitation Average Wind Speed
January 18.8°C (65.9°F) 5.10°C (41.2°F) 1.7cm (0.7in) 8.5km/h (5.3mph)
February 21.5°C (70.7°F) 7.10°C (44.7°F) 1.7cm (0.7in) 9.3km/h (5.8mph)
March 24.2°C (75.5°F) 9.30°C (48.8°F) 2.3cm (0.9in) 10.6km/h (6.6mph)
April 29.2°C (84.5°F) 12.9°C (55.3°F) 0.5cm (0.2in) 11.1km/h (6.9mph)
May 34.2°C (93.6°F) 17.7°C (63.9°F) 0.25cm (0.1in) 11.2km/h (7.0mph)
June 39.7°C (104°F) 22.7°C (72.9°F) 0.25cm (0.1in) 10.7km/h (6.7mph)
July 41.1°C (106°F) 27.2°C (81.0°F) 2.0cm (0.8in) 11.4km/h (7.1mph)
August 39.8°C (104°F) 26.2°C (79.2°F) 2.5cm (1.0in) 10.6km/h (6.6mph)
September 36.8°C (98.3°F) 22.7°C (72.8°F) 2.3cm (0.9in) 10.1km/h (6.3mph)
October 31.2°C (88.1°F) 16.0°C (60.8°F) 1.7cm (0.7in) 9.3km/h (5.8mph)
November 23.8°C (74.9°F) 9.4°C (48.9°F) 1.7cm (0.7in) 8.5km/h (5.3mph)
December 19.0°C (66.2°F) 5.4°C (41.8°F) 0.25cm (0.1in) 8.2km/h (5.1mph)

Haboob – Dust Storm

A haboob is a type of intense dust storm carried on an atmospheric gravity current, also known as a Weather Front. Haboobs occur regularly in arid regions throughout the world. In North America, the most common terms for these events is either dust storm or sandstorm. In the US, they frequently occur in the deserts of Arizona, including around the cities of Yuma and Phoenix.