Arizona Utility Services

Let us help you find Arizona utility companies providing electricity, natural gas energy, and water in Arizona. Arizona power and gas are controlled by a select few companies while water is usually controlled by each city. Search the maps provided below to find companies in your service area. Here are the most popular companies in Arizona…

The Top 3 Power Companies in Arizona


Arizona Public Service

?Arizona Public Service Company has been powering Arizona’s economic growth since its founding in 1886.

Salt River Project

Salt River Project has helped shape the West since its founding in 1903 and our history is one of service to the residents of Arizona.

Tucson Electric Power

Tucson Electric Power provides power to Tucson residents offering a wide range of incentive programs to reduce energy costs.
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The Top 3 Natural Gas Companies in Arizona

Southwest Gas

Southwest Gas

Southwest Gas provides natural gas service to Arizona, Nevada, and portions of California to more than 2 million customers.
Unisource Energy

Unisource Energy

UniSource Energy Services provides natural gas energy services to more than 243,000 in and around the greater Tucson area.
Mesa City Gas

City of Mesa Gas

The city of Mesa natural gas service area includes roughly 90 square miles where in total we serve more than 61,000 customers.
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Arizona Water Companies

The Arizona Corporation Commission maintains regulatory authority over private water companies and private sewer companies throughout Arizona. There are presently more than 400 individual water systems operated by nearly 350 companies under our jurisdiction. There are approximately 21 sewer companies and 20 combination water and sewer providers that we regulate. Multiple systems can be operated by the same utility company.

Phoenix Water

Phoenix Water

For over 100 years, Phoenix Water has delivered safe, reliable tap water to homes and businesses in Phoenix Arizona.
Scottsdale Water

Scottsdale Water

Scottsdale Water has been providing quality drinking water and advanced reclamation services to Scottsdale for over 40 years.
Mesa Water

Mesa Water

Mesa Water ensures you can be confident that the water you receive is clean, safe and meets all state and federal standards.
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