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We will take care of all your real estate needs including buying, selling, renting and property management.

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We provide many US mortgage lending options to Canadians using Canadian income and credit to qualify.

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We provide currency brokering to get the best exchange rate when you transfer money between Canada and the US.

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Our US banking partners provide Canadians cross border banking services including debit and credit accounts.

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Our accounting team will help you understand the differences and plan for Canada and the US taxation.

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If you are interested in moving to or doing business in the United States, learn about immigration services here!

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Learn about your Canadian and USA healthcare plans to understand your coverage at home and while abroad.

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Get free quotes on travel health insurance to ensure you have sufficient coverage when traveling to the United States.

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We partner with insurance brokers in Arizona to make sure your vehicle and property are correctly insured!

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Let our team take the stress out of importing or exporting your vehicle to or from Canada and the USA.

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The Canadian Presence in Arizona

Annual Canadian Visitors to Arizona
Dollars Spent by Canadians in Arizona in 2017
Weekly Direct Flights From Canada to Arizona
Average Days Spent in Arizona
Average Money Spent Per Visit
Arizona Real Estate Purchased by Canadians in Last 12 Months
Arizona Properties Owned or Rented by Canadians

Source: Arizona Office of Tourism, Government of Canada

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